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We strive towards a cleaner and safer
environment for the future.
With climate change becoming a bigger thread day by day, making smart, environmentally friendly decisions can make the difference needed to bring about a positive change in our environment.
At Tec-Crete we take steps to reduce our carbon footprint, From ensuring that all environmental and EPA standards are met or exceeded, to sampling our ground water and its effect in the ecosystem so we may leave behind a word worthy of our future generation’s admiration.

Climate Earth

Climate Earth is an advocate for technology that derives environmental insights to make informed decisions quicker, faster and better.
Experts with a passion to help companies achieve their business goals and sustainability initiatives. Our team is comprised of database architects, environmental scientists, LCA practitioners and software coders that specialize in modeling, calculating, managing, visualizing and reporting environmental impact data, so you don’t have to.

What are we doing to help.

To combat the rising threat of global warming, We do our part in this complex society to ensure that our environment stays as safe as possible from greenhouse emissions and water pollutants that could destroy our ecosystem. Here, at a glance is a list of some initiatives we take to reduce our climate impact.

EPD Approved Mixes

We use Climate Earth’s EPD product witch enable us to produce and design innovative new mixes to meet requirements for any job and immediately generate a fully verified Type III product specific EPD for the new mix, this enables Tec-Crete to easily respond to our clients demands for transparency.

Water recycling

Our water reclamation system allows us to recycle water use while cleaning our trucks and washout water from jobsites, With a settlement base system that capture and contain waste water and concrete washout materials, Allowing the recycle of water for later use.

Dust Collector

Run-off cement dust has a high environmental degradation impact that can reduce the livelihood of local fauna and flora , we combat this by collecting the cement dust run-off and recycling it for later use, preventing it from affecting the surrounding ecosystem and the quality of air we all breath in.

Ground sampling

With water and ground pollution as the second highest environmental impacts towards climate change, here at Tec-Crete we carry annual ground and water survey using a 3rd party’s laboratory, with this information we make smarter decisions that help protect the environment.

Low Emissions Standards Trucks

Tec-Crete's fleet numbers near 50 trucks – all trucks meeting the EPA’s low emissions standards.