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Our services

At Teccrete we are always ready to serve our customers quickly and effectively

One who serves puts the needs of others first and is always quick to respond. It is important to fulfill the role humbly, as we believe that serving others is a duty―it is something we simply must do.

Quality Control/Added Services

At Tec-Crete, we understand our product.

We are proud to deliver our product and stand by every ready-mixed yard we deliver to you. Our Quality Control team is run by multiple ACI Certified personnel that take pride in the product. For more of a hands on approach, we provide on-site monitoring for any projects requested. With our In-House State Approved Lab, materials are regulated on a daily basis to guarantee satisfaction.

Water Management is a crucial aspect for our product. All of our trucks are equipped with additional water meters, which allow our drivers to use the proper amount of water permitted. Extra chemicals are also stocked on every truck to satisfy every customer’s needs with workability as well as keeping a high strength product.

Our product will be completely mixed before leaving the plant to ensure quality. Mixing ready-mixed concrete is essential to the product, therefore no loads will leave the plant unprepared.

About us

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Together we have helped our community grow.

We are proudly W.B.E Certified